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Artikel in RSM Alumni e-News, 29 april 2010

Het onderstaande artikel verscheen op 29 april 2010 in de Alumni e-News nieuwsbrief van de RSM Erasmus University. Het artikel is tevens te vinden op de Alumni website.

Naar de Alumni website van RSM

Frank van Ormondt, EMBA01, Offers Special Discount to RSM Alumni

The programme consists of short workshops and master classes about strategic and innovative topics and distinguishes itself from competition by its practical learning method. "I know how much participants appreciate that they can bring their own ideas to training", says Frank van Ormondt, owner of the Dutch consulting and training firm Frank van Ormondt Advice and Education. "As entrepreneur and former manager I have gained practical experience that I also bring into the class discussions." Frank has been active for years as freelance lecturer at several business schools, but with this new programme he now adds business training to his services. "Because I’m a strong advocate of the RSM alumni network", Frank continues, "those who are interested in my training programme benefit from a special discount."

With his training programme Frank van Ormondt aims at executives, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs with a number of years work experience at the BSc/MSc level, who have to make complex strategic choices. As a relatively small player Frank focusses his programme on a selection of business and innovation oriented topics. For instance: How to write a business plan in one day? Or: How to create and market innovative products successfully? The workshops are one day whilst the master classes take five days with a frequency of one day per week. This way Frank makes it is easy for participants to squeeze the training into their busy agenda’s. On top of the open training programme, Frank also provides his training courses in-company or otherwise tailor made. Sometimes a workshop can even become the stepping stone to an outdoor management summit or a brainstorm session facilitated by Frank for example to create a new vision, strategy, product or service.

"I noticed that some people right after having completed a course immediately return to the old level of daily issues", explains Frank van Ormondt. "My training programme tries to prevent this by intertwining work and academic content in a special way. The use of prepared case studies is in my view not practical enough. Instead I rather spend time on the own ideas of the participants e.g. from their work environment and discuss those among all participants where I plug in to-the-point academic parts to support further discussion. It already starts at the beginning of each training course when I ask all participants to select a few practical subjects that they want to handle throughout the training. During training participants work with their subject to complete as much as they can a deliverable such as a business plan, business case, vision statement or product plan. At the end of the training each participant looks at how the newly obtained deliverable and skills can be integrated at work. In order to support this process every participant gets a coaching session for free."

After graduating from RSM with the Executive MBA class of 2001 Frank van Ormondt never really left campus. He has been participating in many full- and part-time MBA programmes in different supporting roles. "I find the contacts with the RSM staff and students extremely refreshing and a permanent source of inspiration", Frank adds. "The RSM alumni network is also a very important way to stay in touch with each other and to continue the learning process. As advocate of the RSM alumni network I offer a special benefit to those alumni who apply for my training classes." For more information, please see or contact Frank directly at

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